Conference on the Future of Europe: ambiance shots and statements


The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoe) plenary meets in Strasbourg. It debates draft proposals prepared following the exchanges of nine Plenary Working Groups.These drafts are grouped by themes and based on recommendations made by the European Citizens’ Panels and input from national panels. Statements with Deirdre CLUNE (EPP, IE) Radka MAXOVÁ (S D, CZ) Marc ANGEL (S D, LU) Manfred WEBER (EPP, DE). Illustrations of Working groups: Europe in the world, Health, Migration, Democracy. Illustrations of the plenary CoFoE. Ambiance shots with press briefing by Guy VERHOFSTADT, Clément BEAUNE, and Dubravka ŠUICA, co-Chairs of the executive board of the Conference on the Future of Europe

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