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#EUelections2019 - How does the EP work?

Dato for begivenhed: 05/04/2019

#EUelections2019 - How does the EP work?

The European treaties have given Parliament a broad range of powers as the EU’s directly-elected body. Together with the representatives of EU governments in the Council, Parliament is responsible for adopting EU legislation. Under the ordinary legislative procedure, both institutions act as equal co-legislators. Parliament and Council have to agree on the annual EU budget.
Equally, the MEPs oversee the work of EU institutions, notably the European Commission, which is the executive arm of the European Union. The European Parliament also cooperates with national parliaments on European affairs.

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During the plenary session (10-13/12/18) of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEPs debate on the 2019 EU budget, boosting funds for growth and jobs, namely Erasmus+, climate protection, research, tackling migration and youth unemployment.

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Appointed as President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker lays out the EU's priorities and commitments for the coming years

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Hvad er Europa-Parlamentet?

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