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#EUelections2019 - Circular economy

Dato for begivenhed: 02/05/2019

#EUelections2019 - Circular economy
As part of a shift in EU policy towards a circular economy, the European Parliament worked on four legislative proposals introducing new waste-management targets regarding reuse, recycling and landfilling. The proposals also strengthen provisions on waste prevention and extended producer responsibility, and streamline definitions, reporting obligations and calculation methods for targets.
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During the plenary session (15-18 May 2017) in Strasbourg, MEPs debate Biljana BORZAN's report concerning resource efficiency: reducing food waste, improving food safety.

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During the EP plenary session (13 - 16 March 2017) in Strasbourg, MEPs debate and vote on the report on waste by Simona BONAFE (S&D, IT).

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Video. Duration: 06:0806:08

Infoclip: Circular economy / Food waste

Arkivbilleder  -  24/01/2019
Video. Duration: 01:5701:57

Infoclip: Circular economy - Landfills

Arkivbilleder  -  04/04/2018
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Video. Duration: 01:4401:44

Højdepunkter fra Europa-Parlamentet 2014-2019

Baggrund  -  13/05/2019
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En plaststrategi i en cirkulær økonomi

Nyheder  -  07/09/2018
Video. Duration: 01:5101:51

Cirkulær økonomi: Europa tager sig sammen

Nyheder  -  06/04/2018

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