Statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations: opening statements by Rainer WIELAND (EPP, DE), Charles GOERENS (Renew, LU), Rapporteurs and by Vera JOUROVA, European Commissioner for Values and Transparency


Parliament seek to further improve the Commission’s proposal, aiming to protect European values and democratic processes more effectively. MEPs adopt their position for the ensuing negotiations with Council and Commission, in order to pass the law in the first half of 2023, so that it will be in place before the next European elections in 2024. Parliament is set to expand the new rules relating toto like-minded parties outside the EU’s 27 member states, to ensure that thesemember parties come from countries that are full members of the Council of Europe and outside the EU “observe equivalent values” to those of Article 2 TEU, and to adopt a more ambitious approach regarding EU funding for campaigns in national referenda. Opening statements by Rainer WIELAND (EPP, DE) and Charles GOERENS (Renew, LU), rapporteurs, and by Vera JOUROVA, European Commissioner for Values and Transparency.

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