Esports and video games



The video game ecosystem has become a leading cultural and creative industry all over the world. It has an estimated European market size of EUR 23.3 billion in 2021, and it encompasses more than 4 900 game studios and 200 game publishers, with great potential for growth, innovation, creativity and triggering positive change for the whole sector.

Video games have proven to be a powerful cross-sectoral medium, successfully inspiring and drawing on many other creative and cultural industries, such as films and books. According to the Interactive Software Federation of Europe, half of all Europeans consider themselves to be video game players, of whom almost half are women, and the average age of a video game player in Europe is 31.3 years. Over 70 % of young people aged 6-24 in the EU play video games, although the majority of players are over 18.

On January 2023, Parliament called for gamers to be better protected from addiction and other manipulative practices, while emphasising the potential of this innovative sector.


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