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Robotics and artificial intelligence

Дата на събитието: 06/02/2020

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) raises a number of ethical and political challenges for the present and near future, with driverless cars and search engines in the news.

The term Artificial Intelligence is commonly used to refer to a range of technologies such as software, algorithms, processes, and robots that - contrary to machines only acting on human command - are able to acquire analytical capabilities and to perform tasks.

AI-based systems are already used across many sectors  for providing different servicesand is transforming the society.

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Хронология на новините

MEPs debate their vision of how the EU can best regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to boost innovation, ethical standards and trust in technology

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Thierry BRETON presents the new initiatives in the digital sector A Strategy for Europe – Fit for the Digital Age, White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, European Data Strategy, that the EC will adopt that very day.

Показване само на свързани с темата материали