Formal Sittings

Formal Sittings



A formal sitting is held to mark an official visit to the European Parliament, made at the President’s invitation after consulting with the Conference of Presidents.

The official guest is seated to the right of the President on the podium. After the welcoming remarks by the President, the official guest addresses the  Parliament from the central rostrum in the Chamber.

The address for a formal sitting of Parliament usually lasts 30 minutes and generally takes place before the voting session.

On Wednesday 4 October 2023 at 11.30, Petr Pavel, President of the Czech Republic, will address MEPs in a formal sitting. Following his visit to the EU institutions in April 2023 - one of his first foreign trips after his election - President Pavel is expected to focus on the need to strengthen the European Union in a time of crisis and to call for a strong position against Russia and for peace in Ukraine - on Ukrainian terms.